More than 100 post-consumer PVC windows were recycled and reused when refurbishing an office building in Gendorf industrial park

Burgkirchen-Gendorf (prs). – Mechanical recycling of PVC post-consumer windows is increasingly setting standards in Germany. A recent example is found in Eastern Bavaria, an elongated two-storey office building located in Gendorf industrial park near Altötting. InfraServ GmbH & Co. Gendorf KG is the operating company of the premises extending over about two square kilometres, office of the former Hoechst AG including about 20 companies, among them chemical plants and energy suppliers. The company has refurbished the light blue building located amidst industrial plants energy-efficiently and had more than 100 post-consumer windows on the two long side facades replaced by modern windows provided with Schüco systems. First, the post-consumer PVC frames were taken to a special container before they were transported to the recycling plant of VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH located north of Eisenach. Rewindo Fenster Recycling Service GmbH, Bonn, is organizing the recycling system in Germany since 2002.

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Recycling of PVC windows at Katzenelnbogen Primary School

New stage of life for post-consumer PVC windows

Katzenelnbogen (dialoginar) – The 7th of September is a big day for small children starting school in Rhineland-Palatine. First graders will start a new stage of life at Katzenelnbogen Primary School im Einrich, too.
In order to create the best learning environment possible for the pupils, in Katzenelnbogen the holiday period prior to the new term is used to take construction measures to adapt the school to fit current needs. Thus, in the present year two classrooms are combined to form a practical multipurpose room, installing amongst others 14 new energy-saving windows produced by PVC profiles manufacturer GEALAN.

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