EPPA‘s core activities combine political work, consumer issues and industry affairs

In order to facilitate the alignment of industrial processes with legal regulations we carefully follow the developments of European and national environmental and chemical legislation. In line with VinylPlus objectives, we want to grow in recycling and have established a controlled loop ensuring collection of used PVC windows, recycling and co-extrusion in new window profiles.

A consistent European legal framework is key to a competitive industry

Plastic window systems are subject to important regulations such as the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) and the Eco-design Directive. EPPA follows developments in these legal instruments closely as a stakeholder.

EPPA, the industry and the consumer

While EPPA´s industry acts typically in a B2B environment, it does also focus on consumer information and consumer protection via the support of well-established quality labels. Furthermore, we work to make legislation related to buildings and construction easily comprehensible and to comply with for the industry and the consumer like.

In this section you will get an overview of our positions with regard to circular economy, sustainable development, state-of-the-art technology and public relations.