Public Affairs

European Public Affairs

As a European association EPPA represents the interests of the European profile manufacturing industry to the European policy maker. However, its work is not limited to this but also includes the taking into account of the European consumer’s opinion.

What is EPPA’s relationship to the consumer?

Consumer protection is one of the key elements of our work. In trying to make window profiles as environmentally and health friendly as possible our manufacturers do their share of this work. It is EPPA’s task to support the corresponding legal conditions on a European stage. Furthermore, EPPA attempts to inform the consumer on the activities of the industry and the products it makes.

What is EPPA’s relationship to the manufacturer?

European window profile manufacturers need to comply with European legislation. This complex and vast field of law is in constant change and not always easy to understand. It is our task to translate European requirements into concrete requirements for our members. In this context, EPPA understand itself as the connector of the technical and practical experience of our members to the legal reality on the European level. Hence, issues and problems encountered by the industry also need to be translated onto the political stage in Brussels.

What is EPPA’s relationship to the regional/national/European politician?

EPPA works together with the European institutions to improve and unite environmental protection with economic competitiveness. The association invests into scientific studies and assembles knowledge that should serve policy makers to understand the industry and  allow them to take informed decisions.